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Candy Bleakz – Tikuku (Video)
Candy Bleakz – Tikuku (Video)

The self-proclaimed queen of the streets, Candy Bleakz has released the video for her latest hymn, “Tikuku.”


Candy Bleakz returns to the public with ‘Tikuku,’ a song that has taken over the streets since its launch a few days ago.

Rexxie takes credit for production. ‘Tikuku,’ a song off her upcoming album under Chocolate City Music, has been teased.

Naya was the director of the video.

Quotable Lyrics

Efe la
Efe jo
Efe tikuku
Ema jo se
Won ma la
Won ma gbese
Won ma tikuku biti poco
E fe la
E fe jo
E fe tikuku
E ma jo se

Shofun won ko shey jeje
Ko ma lor fi ori be
Person wey get 2,500 no fit do dorimee

Watch the video below: