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“Bunch Of Talent But No Self Control, Nor Go Get Belle O”- Reactions As Daniella Appreciates Khalid For Making Her A Woman [Video]

BBNaija season 7 housemate Daniella talked about her intercourse with Khalid yesterday morning.

The 22-year-old resident admitted that despite Khalid’s transformation of her into a woman, she had been a woman for a very long time.

Keep in mind that Khalid and Daniella, who started dating last Saturday, had several home-based sex encounters.

Comments are included below.

Daniella lacks moral fibre and self-control, according to @Dumdum ally. As a result, I’ll write extensively! She completely botched up her strategy! Every three days, a new guy that you just met eight days ago shows up. Daniella from #BBNaija will wear you out if not.

@napoleon: “I’m certain that a portion of Daniella’s supporters are dissatisfied with her frequent two-day covert dates with Khalid. Defenders are merely performing their spectator responsibilities.
Don’t even ship them because there is nothing there. It’s merely entertaining right now.
She will relaunch #Bbnaija after the man is expelled.

These justifications for Daniella and Khalid are insufficient.
They are, in fact, adults.
One of them, though, ought to be in charge of the other. They’re not dozing off under the blankets every other day; they’re just having limitless fun. A dog is not noticed by Khalid, and he will not stop soon.

Make Daniella go get Belle without you. She was heavily exploited by Khalid on @BBNaija, according to @rackster.