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Blessing Okoro Educates Nigerian Men on ‘What It Really Means When A Woman Says She Is Broke’

Blessing Okoro Educates Nigerian Men on 'What It Really Means When A Woman Says She Is Broke'

Blessing Okoro, a Nigerian relationship coach, has made a controversial statement regarding women and men.

In a recent post on her verified social media handle on the famous social media network, Instagram, the controversial relationship coach made this comment.

The post was about what it truly means when a woman declares herself broke, and it reads as follows:


The following are some of the responses to the post:

chukwuma mmesoma – – ??????– – – – – – – – – – – lol I’m usually broke yo, but my partner has money, which I lavishly squander.

___southsidegoddess What about those who don’t have access to a man?

briscoins – Or she’s looking for work.???

Yh. queenmiracleofficial – And if a man is bankrupt, it indicates his wife is cash-strapped.

niftyguy – And who the hell coined the idea that money can only be earned by working hard? Hard labor isn’t the only way to make money. Most of the time, a little hard work combined with God’s grace makes one so wealthy and enviable… Any time, any day, feel free to quote me!

– gistafrica – gistafrica – gistaf What if she doesn’t have a man and is broke?

jack miss s ??????_ Wow, this is incredible. You have a stunning appearance.

onyin ye chi_ is a character in the game onyin ye chi_. Mama, you said it all.

bochins gadgets is a collection of gadgets created by Bochins. Just tell it how it is; she is a slacker and a waste of time… Only the facts. I just hope you teach your lads how to spend all of their money on ladies when they become older, oh.??????

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