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“Big Brother has run out of ideas” – reactions as Biggie asks to keep Chomzy for one more week

The producers of Big Brother Naija are discussing whether to keep one of the houseguests, Chomzy, for another week.

It should be recalled that the now-house guests were kicked off the show by housemates Doyin, Eloswag, and Chomzy last Sunday.

Biggie resorted to social media to ask supporters if they wanted Chomzy to remain for another week in particular.

“E be like say Chomzy no wan commot Biggie House at all.😭 Should Biggie keep her as a House Guest for one more week?👀,” the organizers wrote via their official Twitter page.

“Imagine the scale!!” one social media user said. If Chomzy stays in that house for another week, the show should be canceled. How can you allow viewers to vote someone out while keeping her and others? Why did you encourage people to vote if you intend to maintain your overwhelming power? Mtchewww!!!”