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Bella Shmurda – New Born Fela (Video)
Bella Shmurda – New Born Fela (Video)

The official music video for Bella Shmurda’s latest single, “New Born Fela,” is presented by Dangbana Republik.

In his most recent installment, “New Born Fela,” he depicts Bella Shmurda’s rebirth as the contemporary Fela in the Afrobeat genre.

The song serves as a preview of Bella Shmurda’s upcoming debut album, “Hypertension,” which will be released in a few months.

Check out the vibrant video directed by TG Omori.

Quotable Lyrics:

I be the new born fela
Story teller, battery charger
Baby pana, for my matter, use kayamata
I know the matter, the matter don’t matter

I be naija don dada
Baby sho wapa , Emi kon fela
Call me jigga, I no get dada
Love my cigar, do re mi fa so
Kalakuta ni mo wa sha

Watch the video below: