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Bella of BBNaija says to Sheggz, “I Love Money, Very Important,” as she lists the requirements for dating her

Sheggz spoke with Bella Okagbue, a BBNaiJa Level Up roommate, about her preferences in romantic partnerships.

She says she likes being noticed and getting unexpected kisses.

The reality star acknowledged that she enjoys having money and values her partner’s financial stability highly.

Bella told Sheggz that even if she doesn’t think it’s right to give her boyfriend cash, she may still buy him last-minute gifts.

She went on to claim that she and her husband had to go on annual vacations.

As she stated;

Too much intimacy and random kissing appeal to me. Also very important to me is money. Your money, like mine, belongs to us! Even though I don’t believe in paying people, I can buy your lover a lot of things.

I suppose that no matter where we are, my husband and I travel every year.