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Ugandan celebrity, Bebe Cool has released a new single titled “Wakayima.”

Bebe Cool is a Ugandan reggae and ragga music artist. He began his career in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1997, but returned to his home country a few years later. Bebe Cool was one of the first performers to join Ogopa DJs, a Kenyan production house and record label.

Wakayima is derived from stories we were given as children. A cunning rabbit who plots every move and deceives others in order to win. During Covid-19, a dancehall afro rhythm appears to restart the music flow that we had previously liked. Only at home may one put on his or her dancing shoes.

Furthermore, this is an outstanding smash song that you should not neglect for any reason.

Aside from that, if you enjoy music, you almost certainly own the most recent bizarre hit single.

Listen and share your thought below: