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“Beauty Wan Chop The Boy? Why R0ugh K!ss Abeg” – Reactions As Beauty And Groovy Finally Shares Their First K!ss (Video)

Groovy and Beauty, two BBNaija level two roommates, have kissed for the first time.

Remember that the level 1 housemates enjoyed a pool party yesterday evening.

However, level 2 roommates Groovy and Beauty turned to playing a game of truth and dare because they were unable to attend the Thursday night pool party because they lost the Head of House competition.

Groovy finally gave Beauty a kiss during the truth or dare game after earlier in the evening he had refused.

Well, some who observed them kiss on BBnaija felt it was rough.

That kiss seemed phony, asame007 observed. She is exerting too much effort to mask her feelings.

So it’s official that Groovy doesn’t have foul breath, wrote Lilianifeomaobayemi.

Geez, so pushy with it, but I need prayers in the name of the good lord Jesus Christ, our savior. ANDIVUMI said that she was worried about growing attached to these youngsters this year.


This was a nasty kiss, though, omarrrh213 wrotw.

annie.dago.90 posted the following: Superkomando, who are You?

Beauty is gone, wrote berryqueenitas.

Can’t she be slow and deep, wrote simplyblinkz.

Why rough kiss abeg, simplyblinkz wrote

ezeprettygold asked why the kiss was so hard.

As realistbit stated, I adore them.

I’m humiliated on their behalf by the kiss, newbbnaija7 wrote.

Beauty is not a preacher of love, stated darlwright77. Kiss from Indabosky

I’m over here grinning like Mumu, as simplyblinkz wrote.

Which kind of kiss would be that, is like she’s intoxicated, itssimplysuccess wrote.

Why Bryan is chanting Energy Energy is beyond me; everyone in the house, excluding Amaka, is a shipper, writes wi. lma.

Which sort kiss be this oh, Adebayoayomiposi wrote.

Beauty want to chop the lad, wrote gnade kraft.

Check out the video below;