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#BBNaijaS7: Daniella and Khalid gives Amaka sleepless night as they once again get busy ‘under the duvet’ [Video]

BB Daniella and Khalid, Naija housemates, were spotted having another night of fun, while their colleague, Amaka, stayed up watching them from her bed.

The young lovers smooched’ for hours under the covers, making it their second night of bedtime pleasure in the house.

This comes after Khalid revealed in his diary session to Big Brother that he is content to be in a relationship with Daniella.

Following this, netizens focused on Amaka, implying that her unease indicated that she was envious of Daniella and Khalid.

@Laman “How come Amaka isn’t sleeping?” Duke penned a letter. She is nervous and waiting. Ehyaaa. Someone should come to her aid.”

“Amaka is watching intently and passionately,” says @Varen Dam. Don’t be envious, oo.”