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BBNaija’s Diana Reveals The Qualities She Wants In A Man, As Bryann Continues To Fantasize About Her (VIDEO)

Diana has spoken with her fellow flatmate, Eloswag, about the characteristics she looks for in a partner.

Eloswag questioned Diana about why she is still single and unattached despite being so attractive. He then inquired about the attributes she looks for in a potential partner.

Diana responded by saying:

“I want a man who understands me, who fears God, who respects me, who believes in my dreams. That’s the kind of man I’m looking for.”

View the following VIDEO:

Bryann, a Big Brother Naija housemate who is in a different house, has claimed he has a crush on Diana. However, because of their separation, he hasn’t been able to talk to her in depth.

The 22-year-old Bryann said Diana has really soft skin and is quite attractive. He also said he loves to write lyrics for ladies he admires, and Diana will be the first woman in the house he might write lyrics for if they ever cross paths again. Remember that Diana is on level 1 and Bryann is in level 2. When all the housemates were together to participate in the arena for the HOH games, this is when they first met.

But when his housemates pointed out that Diana is considerably older than him, Bryann said that age is just a number. Age 33 is Diana’s.