Bella’s fans were surprised since she declared her love for Sheggz just hours before.


Despite Sheggz’s mistreatment and use of harsh language on her, Bella’s love for him grows.

Many show viewers are aware of Sheggz’s mistreatment of Bella, so watching her continue to express her love for him has taken many by surprise.

The lovebirds had a passionate session after joining up to defeat Phyna and Groovy.

Bella said that whenever she sees him with other female housemates, she goes mad.

Sheggz assured her of his devotion by repeating his love for her and how wild he is about her.

Sheggz: Babe you’re actually my dream

Bella: I love u so much

Sheggz: U don’t get

Bella: U don’t get as well, whenever I see you with someone else I don’t like it, it’s crazy

Sheggz: Dat I’m with someone

Bella: Yes! Even though I know it’s a task

Sheggz: You’re my wife, I’m crazy about u.