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For the first time since entering the house, Groovy, a Big Brother Naija level-up housemate, got into a nasty fight with his best friend, Sheggz, over their girls.


The fact that Phyna is the House Speaker is no longer news.

Remember how Biggie reconnected the evicted housemates with their former roommates?

Prior to the eviction, the housemates had purchased their own food.

Sheggz and Bella attempted to reclaim their food after Chomzy, Eloswag, and Doyin were evicted, which infuriated the other inmates.

Phyna stated that the food will be divided collectively, which caused some consternation.

The expelled housemates gathered with the remaining roommates to make their first wager.

Phyna, the new HOH, was annoyed because Bella wanted everyone to talk on the food instead of the task at hand.

The two females began exchanging comments and making fun of their different backgrounds.

Bella questioned Phyna’s upbringing, while Phyna questioned their parents.

Things got heated between the two when Sheggz stepped in to defend his girlfriend, which infuriated Phyna’s love interest, Groovy.

Groovy responded after Sheggz criticized her for insulting Bella.

For the first time this season, Groovy spoke with him.

Groovy: If you feel your personality is better than I am, why are they always checking you???

Sheggz: You’re a fake nigga

Groovy: Likewise bro

Sheggz: You’re fake nigga bro. I might be rude but I’m not fake

Groovy: You’re fake and you’re dumb. You will be saying shit. You say shit. Why is he calling me fake?

Sheggz: I expect more. I’m not cool with it

Groovy to Sheggz: If you are not cool bro this is the door