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#BBNaija: “She likes cheap gossips and lies anyhow” – Bella, ChiChi describes how they feel about each other [Video]

Bella Okagbue refers to ChiChi’s coworker as a gossip who usually lies as the BBNaija housemates explore their affections for one another.

The BBNaija reality program’s host, Ebuka, visited the residence yesterday to chat with the occupants face-to-face.

Bella and Chichi were invited by Ebuka to share their romantic sentiments with one another over supper.

Bella didn’t hold back, “Chichi is someone who enjoys cheap gossip a lot and would never say anything while the individual is around.”

She went on to say that Chichi always tells lies.

When pressed to explain Bella, Chichi responded that you can’t be friends with everyone.

She asserts that one’s opinion of themselves is a reflection of who or what one really are.

Chichi says she thinks Bella is the cheap liar, rumor, and other things she had previously associated with her (ChiChi).