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#BBNaija season 7: Diana and Chichi clash over Deji(video)


Diana and Chichi have a heated argument after the merger of the level 1 and level 2 homes over eyelashes discovered in Deji’s locker.

It all started when Chichi discovered a woman’s lashes in her love interest’s locker, which made her fear losing him to someone else.

However, due to the limited space available after the merger, Deji and Diana had agreed to share a locker.

Chichi, on the other hand, erupted after witnessing the lashes, insulting Diana for making advances on her man.

Deji, who had joined the brawl, explained the situation and chastised Chichi for acting so violently.

Diana burst into tears following the fight as a result of the escalation of the situation and Chichi’s remarks.

Watch the video below…