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On today’s Big Brother Naija eviction program, another housemate, Doyin, was expelled from Biggie’s home. However, it was revealed that the show has a new level, Level 3, to which she was transported.

Doyin is also the first housemate to be transferred to the Level 3 facility. As she entered the residence, the reality TV star expressed her excitement about the upcoming adventure.

The show’s host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, stated that at the new level, former housemates will be kept as guests and will not compete for the grand prize.

“They are no longer competing for money, but they are confused whether their eviction is genuine or fabricated, yet it is genuine.” “They’d be kept in the house at least until September 18,” he said.

Eloswag was banished shortly after the new level was established and joined Doyin in the new level home.

Chomzy was the last housemate to be evicted, and she, like the other evicted housemates, has been sent to the newly revealed Level 3 home.

The three contestants are still on the show, according to the show’s emcee, but they have no chance of winning the N100 million grand prize.

They would still be invited to the main house in a few days, but the other housemates would be kept in the dark because the new Level 3 roommates would participate in every job when they were re-integrated into the main house, and they would be eligible to earn prize money in the tasks assigned to them.