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Dotun wins the Week 6 Head of House Game, elevating him to the position of Week 6 Head of House.

Today’s game, as usual, mirrored previous weeks. Chomzy, the incumbent Head of House, was not permitted to participate in this week’s Head of House game. The winner of the Head of House game will be immune to the nomination and will have exclusive access to the Head of House bedroom with any companion of their choice.

After winning the head of the house challenge, Dotun nominated Daniella as his deputy.

Big Brother started the game by reading the rules to the housemates. There were two games going on at the same time. The first game is split into two rounds, with the first round consisting of only male roommates and the second round consisting of only female roommates. The top two male and female housemates went to the second game, in which the winner was determined. Housemates had one minute to complete the first game, which determined the top two housemates from both genders.

The Housemates had to transport as many marbles as they could from the bowls to the green saucers in round one.