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Kess, Big Brother Naija Season 7’s ex-housemate, deserves congratulations.


Kess was one of the Season 7 Level Up housemates on Big Brother Naija.

He was the only married housemate, which made the game highly dangerous for him to play.

Kess was ousted from the show on August 21, 2022, due to low fan votes, but he is back today with another major accomplishment: his new whip has arrived in Nigeria. To clarify, Kess paid roughly $30,000 for a new Lexus RX350.

In other news, Kess made an announcement about his family earlier this week, saying:

His family comes first because he values their tenacity in the face of adversity and considers himself blessed to have them. He then introduced his brother, whom he described as his best buddy, and stated that his brother is more like a twin to him than a friend.

Despite the fact that singing, dancing, and acting are among his favorite hobbies, Naija’s roommate never takes them seriously. He believed he could accomplish practically anything, but he never did because, in his opinion, the most important thing for man is to survive.