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Chomzy, a Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ housemate, has been named the show’s Head of House for week five.

Today’s head-of-house game is broken into two parts. The top male and female roommates from the first game will advance to the second round. The winner of the second game will be crowned the Head of House game-winner. The first game will consist of two rounds. The first round will consist entirely of female roommates, while the second round will be entire of male housemates.

The reality star is the first female housemate to hold the position since the season began, with Eloswag (twice), Hermes, and Adekunle preceding her.

She is immune from this week’s eviction and has exclusive use of the Head of House lodge.

Following her triumph, Chomzy appointed the current Head of House, Elsowag, as her deputy.