Pere Egbi, a finalist on BBNaija’s ‘Shine yo eyes,’ and Nollywood actress Seyi Edun have both replied to Sheggz and Chizzy’s epic clash.


Sheggz and Chizzy fought this morning after the former insisted on him and his girlfriend eating everything in the house.

Level Two acquired the chicken in the house with Wager money prior to their merger.

Chizzy, who has been irritated by the way the Level One housemates squander food, almost got into a fight with Sheggz.

Chizzy intervened to prevent Sheggz from frying chicken for his lady, Bella.

Sheggz added that Biggie provided all of the food and that he and his sweetheart could eat whatever they wanted.

Hermes was mentioned by Sheggz as one of the housemates who hid food, which dragged him into the dispute.

According to Sheggz and Bella, the dancer was stockpiling plantain and eggs.

Pere questioned where the HOH, Chomzy, was when they were fussing over food in response to the conflict.

“Wahala, where is the HOH to divide the food?”

Seyi Edun responded by questioning why the BBN roommates were always arguing over food.

“Every year in Big Brother’s history, Dem dey have food concerns.”

Pere responded by saying that it was planned that way.

He saw that food and water are the most frequently contested items among housemates.

“It’s planned that way,” wrote Pere Egbi. The most readily fought-over issues are food and water.”

This isn’t the first time Sheggz has gotten into a food fight with a housemate.

The Level One housemates were thrown into chaos as Sheggz and Adekunle traded words.

The problem was supposed to have started during last Sunday’s eviction show, when the show’s host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, queried Adekunle about Sheggz and Bella’s connection.

Sheggz was irritated by these words and confronted him immediately after the live elimination programme ended.

Still thinking about Adekunle, Sheggz confronted him over dinner.

Sheggz did the majority of the name calling and accused Adekunle of playing the victim in the confrontation, which began when the latter labelled him “not smart.”

During their heated conversation, Sheggz’s sweetheart Bella almost got into a fight with Diana and Doyin in defence of her man.

Prior to their argument, the housemates had not been on good terms. Sheggz had previously expressed doubts about the former Head of House, specifically that he could not be trusted.