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BBNaija: “I’ll Consider Chichi” -Deji Reveals How Doyin, Chomzy, and Chichi Are Crushing On Him

During his diary session, one of the phoney housemates, Deji, revealed to Biggie that Doyin, Chomzy, and Chichi have showed romantic interest in him.

Deji remarked that, while Doyin has already professed her emotions for him, he plans to consider Chichi since she has a fascinating personality that he wants to investigate.

Deji is pressed to pick between the three females, but he likes to take his time.

He added that when he is with other ladies, Chichi always feels horrible and that he will prioritise her over others. Dotun is interested in Chomzy, as is Doyin, but not in the same way.

“Doyin told me she liked me, but I’m not sure I agree.” Chichi obviously likes me, and she gets annoyed when I chat to other people. I’m making an attempt to learn more about her.

She has a unique personality that I’m not used to. The only reason I’m not going ahead with Chomzy is because of Dotun.”

He also added that he feels Dotun’s interest in Chomzy is solely “lustful,” and that he has no actual affections for her.

He also stated that he wanted to take things gently with the ladies because they all have strong personalities and no one wants to feel like a backup plan.