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Ilebaye Odiniya, the evicted Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ housemate, has a large number of fans.

She was disqualified during the second eviction episode on Sunday, August 14th. She was the third Level Up housemate to be kicked out.

Her admirers surprised her with numerous gifts to show their love and support for a fan.

Her supporters showered her with nairas, teddy bears, and other tokens of appreciation.

Remember when Ilebaye Odiniya announced her intention to reconcile with her disqualified roommate Beauty Tukura?

According to Gistlover, Beauty became a hot topic after she went too far by hitting her co-housemate, Ilebaye.

Beauty Tukura, an ex-Miss Nigeria, lost her cool after their usual Saturday night party and verbally abused her fellow housemate and friend, Ilebaye.

After seeing her love partner, Groovy, dancing with Level 1 housemate Chomzy at the party, the 24-year-old became enraged.

When her alleged boyfriend danced with Chomzy, with whom she had a feud, Beauty became enraged.

When Ilebaye, her closest housemate, attempted to resolve the situation with her, the situation deteriorated.

Beauty erupted instead of understanding her opponent’s logic and speaking calmly, exacerbating the situation.

Beauty began to cause a commotion as Ilebaye continued to try to resolve the situation.

Taking things to the next level, Beauty removed her wig and confronted Ilebaye, who remained unfazed.

Beauty even insulted Bryann for forewarning her.

Another housemate, Cyph, had to detain the former beauty queen.

A week after the incident, she was disqualified.

In an interview with Cool FM, Ilebaye discussed her friendship with Beauty.

Ilebaye stated that she would not reunite with her unless she received her permission.

Her reasoning is that she is afraid of rejection from Beauty because she knows Beauty is upset with her and blames her for her early disqualification.

To avoid embarrassment, Ilebaye stated that she would keep her cool and stay out of her way.

She will, however, greet the former beauty queen if she runs into her at an event.

“I’m not sure whether I’ll contact her, but if it flows, let it flow.” If I see her outside and we just click—because I know if I reach out to her, she’ll be upset because she believes I’m the reason she’s in the big brother house so early.”