Season 7 of Big Brother Amaka, a newly expelled Naija resident, has replied to her expulsion.


Amaka expressed astonishment at her rapid eviction during her brief exit interview, despite knowing she would be nominated for eviction this week. ‘I wasn’t expecting an eviction right away.’ She yelled.

Amaka also mentioned that she will miss Biggie the most out of all the roommates since he was always there for her in her darkest hours.

In terms of who will win the show, the plus-size reality star feels Hermes will triumph because he is genuine.

Amaka went on to say that she would like to work in the entertainment industry in the future.

Remember after the head of house game, when the housemates were taken to the diary room to nominate two housemates for possible eviction?

Amaka was evicted from Big Brother Naija Season 7 immediately for receiving the most nominations, and the remaining housemates, with the exception of the head of house and deputy head of the house, were automatically up for eviction on Sunday.