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#BBNaija: “I can’t be Hermes’ third girlfriend” — Allysyn speaks, reveals reason for hairstyle

Allysyn Audu, a former BBNaija Level Up candidate, explains what she said to Hermes and Adekunle.

It should be remembered that the model and car sales executive previously had a romantic relationship with Hermes, who already had two girlfriends in the house.

Allysyn, who was previously apprehensive about being a fellow housemate’s third girlfriend, makes a decision during an interview with Saturday Beats.

“While in the house, I respected Hermes’ dynamic (circumstance) because I knew he had two ladies.” But now that I’m out of the house, I understand I don’t want to be a part of that dynamic (situation), despite the fact that I have a genuine connection with him. I want to focus on myself.

“Hermes has a breathtaking, intense, and dramatic personality.” I always chose people who are really different from myself. He stands out physically as well, thanks to his tattoos and piercings. We are both creative people. He’s a fantastic musician, and I know we’ll be great friends for a long time.”

Allysyn went on to explain why she kept her hair shaved: “I was bored during the (COVID-19) lockdown in 2020, so I just walked out to get it” (cut my hair). I was amazed when I looked in the mirror. That made me realize I’d made the right decision. “I don’t think my hair made me stand out during the show; I believe my personality did.”

“Before I moved into the house, I worked as a sales and marketing executive for a car company,” Allysyn explained of her future goals. On weekends, I did modeling and had a YouTube channel. I’m considering modeling and rebranding my lip gloss company. I’m also excited to learn new things and become the best version of myself.”

“All I had with Adekunle was simply friendship, and I subsequently fell in love with Hermes,” she said of her relationships with Adekunle, Doyin, and Daniella. Adekunle didn’t mind if I spent more time with Hermes than with him. He only complained sarcastically once, for which I apologized.

“Daniella and I shared a room before we moved into the house. As a result, our bonding was straightforward and effortless. Doyin and I are very different, but we connected right away.”