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Many people have been drawn to Daniella and Dotun’s budding romance on BBNaija’s ‘Level Up.’

Daniella has sought solace in the arms of Level One housemate Dotun since her love interest, Khalid, left the house, according to Kemi Filani news.

Daniella tried to play hard to get by pushing the reality star away at first, but the feisty roommate soon caved into him.

Their love became stronger after their time alone in HOH’s chamber.

After denying any relationship between them for days, Daniella was seen kissing and cuddling Dotun in a viral video.

Many of Daniella’s admirers were first disappointed since they were rooting for her and her supposed ex-boyfriend, Khalid.

People seem to be warming to their growing bond.

The couple couldn’t stay apart at their Jacuzzi party last night, as they were seen partying together.