Bella and Sheggz, Big Brother Naija’s ‘Level Up’ lovers, have become a mini-terror for their co-housemates after a heated argument with Biggie’s rider Rachel over food.


Rachel, Chichi, and Phyna are the ladies in charge of the kitchen and cooking on a rotating basis.

Meanwhile, it was Rachel’s time to cook, and she got in trouble for feeding Bella chicken, which she didn’t like. Bella desired Beef, and Bella’s boyfriend, Sheggz, appeared in the blink of an eye.

Sheggz made fun of Rachel for how Bella’s dinner was prepared. He assumed Rachel was already aware of his girlfriend, Bella’s, preferences.

When Rachel chatted with him, she didn’t hold back her comments, which finally devolved into disparaging his family and generation.

Bella heated out in response to Rachel’s statement and in defense of her boo.

In an attempt to return the meal Rachel had given her, the food poured, causing mayhem in the house.

Sheggz swore to deal with Rachel if she did not apologize.

Sheggz: Rachel if you don’t beg me…

Taa, get out! Rachel:

Sheggz: Rachel, I swear on my mother’s life that if you don’t beg me by December, my name is not Segun Olusemo.”