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Chichi, a BBNaija housemate, was recently given an exercise book and told to fill up all pages with the words “I will not harm the property of my fellow Housemates.”

She wailed on Friday as Biggie doubled her punishment for destroying her housemate’s belongings.

Biggie had already punished Chichi for causing damage to Deji and Diana’s property after a fight earlier in the week.

Chichi was given an exercise book and told to fill in the spaces with the statement “I shall not ruin my fellow Housemates’ property.”

The housemate who started serving the punishment, on the other hand, instantly stopped on Thursday.

Enraged by her attitude towards the penalty, Biggie assigned Chichi an extra notebook to fill up before Sunday, right after the Wager task presentation on Friday.

As a result of the development, Chichi was overtaken with emotion. She is being punished right now.

However, Biggie has previously stated that the Wager job would now take place every Friday at 2 p.m. till the end of the TV reality show.