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#BBNaija: Bella confesses to Sheggz about stirring fight between Chomzy, Phyna, Amaka and Groovy

BB Bella, a Naija Level Up housemate, has admitted to her partner, Sheggz, that she started the fight amongst Chomzy, Phyna, Amaka, and Groovy.

Chomzy confronted Groovy this morning about his new partner, Phyna, becoming sexual with him.

Groovy forced Chomzy into saying Bella was the one who divulged the information, despite his denial. The drama then erupted when Bella disputed Chomzy’s charges, and Amaka, Phyna’s ex-best friend, denied speaking about the incident in a rage.

During a meeting with Sheggz, Bella admitted her involvement in the heated drama that nearly brought the house down.

She told Chomzy about some of the rumours that were causing issues, but she wouldn’t tell everyone because Chomzy was supposed to be reasonable.

The housemates began fighting once the Level 1 and Level 2 housemates were united.