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Ayra Starr – Bloody Samaritan


Bloody Samaritan by Ayra Starr

Ayra Starr – Bloody Samaritan Ayra Starr – Bloody Samaritan

Mavin Records leading lady, Ayra Starr has released her much-awaited track “Bloody Samaritan” ahead of her debut album.


Ayra Starr parodies “Bloody Samaritan,” a London-orchestrated song from her next album, “19 & Dangerous,” the follow-up to her EP. ‘Ayra Starr’ is a fictional character.

Spearheading the new era as the album’s lead single ‘Bloody Samaritan’ is a fierce and searing track that speaks to the importance of shedding and evading negative energy.

Underpinned by blazing percussive drums and a colorful horn section, it is perhaps reflective of the wider album and its themes of wisdom, maturation, and poise.

Listen to “Ayra Starr Bloody Samaritan” below: