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“At the US Consulate in Nigeria, my passport was seized…” – Kizz Daniel apologizes to his fans in the United States for the 5 hour delay

Kizz Daniel, a renowned Nigerian artist, recently received harsh criticism from fans after he allegedly arrived late for a concert in the United States.

The Buga hitmaker, who is now on a ten-city US tour, was five hours late for the concert on Thursday night and was alleged to have barely performed for 30 minutes when he eventually arrived.

The ‘Buga’ singer has now apologized to his fans, explaining that he had a passport issue at the US Consulate in Nigeria, which was the reason he couldn’t depart for the US on time.

His apology is as follows:

Thank you for coming last night, DMW, and please accept my heartfelt apologies for all that occurred.

My passport was kept at the US Consulate in Nigeria until the day of the event for unknown reasons, and previously scheduled flights had to be canceled.

I rescheduled the New York show for the same reason.

Just because I adore and admire you and your skill. I hopped on the next available aircraft to New York as soon as I had my passport, convinced that I could still make it since I didn’t want to miss another date. I booked PJ to DMW from New York to expedite the journey, but it did not work.