Phyna, a BBNaija season 7 housemate, says she has no regrets about sharing her friend’s partner.


During Sunday afternoon chitchat, Phyna mentioned having a conversation with Amaka, who had a crush on Groovy.

Phyna went on, claiming to be a single girl while claiming that if Groovy was dating Amaka, sharing him would not have been a problem.

“I don’t believe it’s anything.” Even if it’s just a handshake, I’ll f*ck your boyfriend if you don’t do it again… ” “I tell Amaka that she makes me and her share Groovy as her friend,” she said in part.

The statement, on the other hand, caught many viewers off guard; in addition to labeling it as humiliating, others chastised the housemate for being too blunt.

“That statement took me aback… Only those who didn’t watch the segment or had the same mindset as she would come out to defend her…

Nobody is a saint, but you should not open your mouth to say something like that on national television as a lady. If guys start slicing and dropping her after the concert, she’ll think it’s her village people, not realizing she’s already given the impression.

What person hasn’t heard of Osho Free? “Cut and clean your mouth,” a worried fan advised.

Watch the video below…