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Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, the governor of Anambra State, razed a building in Oba, Idemili South Local Government Area, that was used by kidnappers to hold their captives on Friday.

Last week, security agents assaulted the facility, rescuing three kidnap victims, including a Catholic priest, as well as reclaiming the priest’s SUV and killing one of the accused kidnappers, based on information provided by an arrested gang member.

The facility, a decaying three-room structure, was demolished on Friday after a joint security squad stormed it for additional operations.

The operation, which was witnessed by SOLOLOADED, saw the seizure of charms and artifacts thought to belong to past abduction victims, as well as the demolition of a shrine used by the criminals for fortification.

Two other suspects were apprehended during the operation, one of them is thought to be a native doctor who works with the crooks.

Meanwhile, Prof Soludo, who spoke to journalists later at the Governor’s Lodge in Amawbia, said the demolition was in keeping with the state government’s policy of confiscating or demolishing any property used to propagate criminality.

Soludo praised the State Joint Security Task Force’s efforts, noting that the demolition exercise will serve as a deterrent to other offenders.

“We have made it part of our policy in Anambra to demolish any property used for illegal purposes,” he stated. That demolished structure was being utilized as a haven for illegal activity, and the government’s policy will not allow this to continue.

Criminals will no longer be tolerated in any section of Anambra State. I tell you that this government is dead set on making the state safe for everyone and allowing individuals to walk around freely without fear of being harassed.”

He also praised several residents of the state who have been willing to share information, noting that any stranger should be skeptical until their employment is proved to be real.

He also urged citizens to be security vigilant at all times, pushing them to report any odd or criminal activity in their neighborhoods to security services.

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