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The moment a customs officer assaulted Samson Nwachukwu, the special assistant to Delta State Governor Okowa, has prompted fury on social media.

The cause of the misunderstanding was unclear, but it looked like the Custom Officers had approached the Aide and decided to demonstrate how common he is.

He slapped Samson Nwachukwu across the face while cursing at him. Samson Nwachukwu did not respond in kind.

Human Rights Activists and Director-General Behind Bars, Harrison Gwamnishu, uploaded the frightening video on Twitter.

Samson Nwachukwu, the victim, has been identified as a human rights volunteer and Special Assistant to Delta State Governor.

The event, which occurred on Sunday afternoon, has sparked outrage in Agbor, a Delta village.

Gwamnishu has already expressed his displeasure with the uniformed police handling of his colleague.

“We are shutting down that freeway tomorrow (Monday) to demand justice,” he said.

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