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Apostle Chibuzor lashes out at Kenneth Aguba’s never-ending demands, threatening to repatriate him to the ghetto

Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere, General Overseer of Omega Power Ministries (OPM), slams actor Kenneth Aguba’s never-ending requests.

This comes just days after the pastor offered to help the veteran actor who had become homeless.

Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere

In a new development, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere expresses alarm about the requests, notably bringing Kenneth Aguba a “virgin wife from Israel.”

The pastor wrote in a lengthy article about his plans for the actor:

“His life was chaotic. What I want to do is restructure his life, to help him do all the things he couldn’t do in Nollywood all these years, to help him archive it. He is unmarried and has no children.

Now I called the widows in my care, to whom I had given free houses and scholarships to their children, but none of them agreed to marry him, with the exception of one woman who accepted. Others claimed that the man was too old.

Kenneth Aguba

The woman stated, “If I stay with him, we can create a business, operate it together, and have children together.” But he says he doesn’t want it.

As a result, I want the entire world to witness what I promised. I even went ahead and did something else.

I gave him a completely equipped house. I gave him a completely equipped house.

A wife. I will pay the bride price, plan the entire wedding, invite Nollywood actors, and it will be a big wedding. Create a company for them.

Because he’s comic, I’ll help him find actors, develop a movie, and make him the main character. That will compel him to return to Nollywood.

But if he declines, if he refuses to accept this, there is nothing I can do. I’ll simply provide you with personal transport to return him to where you picked him up.

He stated that he wishes to marry an Israeli virgin… I’ll bring a doctor with me. He will repair his brain because poverty can drive a person insane. We’ll also be praying for him during the rehabilitation process.”