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The Nigerian songwriter and singer who is known poorly as David Adeleke in no doubt have made his mark in the music industry of Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

His qualities have best described the passion in him to soar and dish out hit songs every single year. David also has proven that being prosperous sometimes don’t hinder a true talent.

He is embossed with good musical talent which even thrust him out of the school in pursuit of the best of it. He did established his qualities as one of the most attractive among all the prominent talent in Nigeria from the day he released his debut single ‘Dami Duro’.

Davido also has bagged multiple music awards to his cabinet which he portrayed consistently for almost a 10-year ratio. This has even reshaped his image as the biggest in Nigeria following how many stars captured genuine inspiration from him.

Amidst the enchanting nature of his qualities. Top firms have deployed their trust in trade on him by signing multiple multi-million endorsement deals with him.

Yesterday, Davido surpassed all the Nigerian artists to emerge as the artist with the most endorsement deals by numbers.

In this article, we would outline all of Davido’s endorsement deals by numbers. If you aspire to know how far he has emerged with endorsement deals, check out below.

All Davido’s endorsement deals by numbers

Martell Blue Swift

The world-famous dry-gin firm recently penned a multi-million naira endorsement deal with the Nigerian songwriter and singer who is already giving light to their trading via his qualities.

This was however announced by Davido and the firm through their official social media platforms. Davido announcing his bliss on Twitter outlined that the gin is the best in the world as he urged his fans to purchase the gin in bulks.

Martel blue swift is a sensation of fullness and generosity with notes of ginger and candied fruit, followed by distinctive hints of toasted oak from the Kentucky bourbon casks. They are also recognised worldwide.


For years now, Davido’s partnership with Pepsi has been nominated as his best endorsement deal since he stroke the limelight. Their commitment, trust and obligation to Davido has been dominating their trade fair in the market value.

As popularly known, Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink manufactured by one of the greatest manufacturing company in the world, Pepsico. It was created and founded by Caleb Bradham and was further introduced as Brad’s Drink. However, it was renamed Pepsi-Cola in 1898 but was later shortened to Pepsi in 1961.

They are recognised as the world oldest company ever seen following how they dominate the trade fare consistently every single year.


Travelbeta is a firm that aspires to give out 100% services to world citizens who are thriving to book flights, hotel and packages in the easiest activity. Their aim emphasis on giving travellers the most memorable trip amidst their choices.

They partnered with Davido on 3rd June 2019 making it a 2-year ratio since Davido earned the endorsement deal.

Davido on several affairs has announced that his contract with the firm is the biggest of his career following how they splashed money on him.

In his words, he said:

“I’m super delighted to announce I’ve joined the amazing and trusted @travelbeta team as an ambassador. Go with Travelbeta”

This firm offers its services to their clients all over the world. There is no limit.

Close Up

Davido also partnered with close up on a multi-million Naira endorsement deal which has been boosting his financial institution to its peak.

Unknown to many Nigerians, Close up toothpaste is an American brand of toothpaste launched in 1967.

Due to their success rate, it spread ranging from the top countries to the minor. Today, it’s recognised as one of the best selling toothpaste in Nigeria.

Davido is however lucky to partner with them following how he nailed a multi-million naira endorsement deal with them.

Guinness Nigeria 

Davido also bagged an ambassadorial deal with one of the biggest brewery industry in Nigeria, Guinness.

It’s also a large company that has established its firm in every civilized nation of the world. The brewery was founded in 1759 by Author Guinness. However, The company is now a part of Diageo, a British company formed from the merger of Guinness and Grand Metropolitan in 1997. Many services and qualities were portrayed and they became the largest brewery firm with an annual output of 1.2 million barrels sold to the world.

Their consistency is yet to be amended as they still dominate Africa as a whole. Davido is a proud ambassador to the firm.

Mtn Pulse 

The South African network (MTN) also nailed a multi-million naira endorsement deal with Davido adding to the numbers of his endorsement deals.

However, this was one of his biggest deal from his starting point just a few years he stroke the limelight.

We are yet to confirm if the contract is still active. Davido is no doubt a king.

Mario and Juliet Diaper

This endorsement deal added to Davido’s cabinet is however bagged by Ifeanyi his first son when he was still yet to be born.

Davido signed this on behalf of his son, therefore, it’s labeled as his own endorsement deal. He is recognised as a representative to his son Ifeanyi.

Mario and Juliet Diaper added Ifeanyi to their goals as they await for his full qualities tagged ‘growth’

 Infinix mobile

This was Davido’s first endorsement deal of the year 2021. One of the biggest mobile firm in Nigeria known famously as Infinix mobile partnered with Davido earlier this year.

They have on several circumstances confessed the effect of Davido. Since they tied the contract with him. They have sold over a quantum of the money they signed with him.

Infinix mobile is also recognised as one of the best selling mobiles in Nigeria amidst the nature of their qualities.


He was also attracted to the 1xbet betting firm earlier this year. Davido signed a whopping multi-million naira deals with them which has best described his worth.

We are however denied the knowledge that 1xbet is not owned by Nigeria but was established here by their staffs in Russia where it was founded.

It’s a betting firm that provides you with satisfying odds and bet options ranging from visual, Casino, horse racing and football. The company operates almost 1000 bookmaking shops across Russia and other CIS countries.

Viva detergent

This is labelled as one of the latest endorsement the Nigerian singer added to his name. Viva detergent also signed a multi-million endorsement deal with Davido.

It’s a vital detergent with a long-lasting lubricant foam and cent. Thousands of beneficiaries have confessed the qualities of the Viva detergent.

The Nigerian Afrobeat maestro Davido is a proud ambassador to the brand and it’s a beauty.

Munch it snacks

‘Munch it snacks Ltd’ also partnered with Davido and made him their new brand ambassador.

‘Munch it snacks’ in Nigeria is recognised as the children favourite. Every kid in Nigeria dream to have the packs in their palms.

This is also why kids love Davido following how they see him as a representative of their favourite snack.