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According to Adamawa State, five instances of monkeypox have been verified, with 57 more suspected cases being investigated.

As of June 12, the state Ministry of Health said it had laboratory-confirmed cases of the five.

The first case was reported in April in Yola, the state capital, according to the Director of Public Health, Dr. Celine La’ori.

She said that the virus has spread over the two metropolitan local government areas of Yola North and Yola South to this point.

La’ori stated that an emergency operation center had been established to combat the disease’s spread.

“Because this was the first time such an outbreak has occurred in the state, our partners provided workers with training.” “We also began a sensitization campaign in the impacted areas,” she added.

She cautioned that monkeypox is highly contagious, and that sick people should be isolated and kept clean.

The symptoms, according to La’ori, include a fever and rashes that resemble chicken pox.

“Run to the emergency surgery center for thorough diagnosis if you have similar rashes,” she urged.

Laori bemoaned a lack of public awareness about the virus and advocated for better sensitization.

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