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According to reports, Yul Edochie and his family are planning to label a post about his second wife and their child as a joke [Details]

According to reports, prominent Nollywood actor and director Yul Edochie is planning a new stunt in which he will label his post about his second wife and their child as a joke.

Sololoaded, a controversial Instagram site, published this in a post, revealing that the Edochie family is fully behind the plan and that they are currently begging his first wife, May, to join in.

This follows the actor’s recent posting of a video of himself and his first wife, May, having a ‘fun time.’

According to the article:

“Hello tueh tueh, update, Yul and his family met and are attempting to disprove the gist of the second wife’s joke, don’t fall for it, don’t, the family said they needed to save the name they had built over the years, they are pleading the first wife as we speak, just know it’s all planned.” “I arrive peacefully.”

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