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Guchi is the stage name of Ugochi Onuoha, a young Nigerian vocalist and composer best known for her hit song “Addicted.”

Since bursting onto the scene in 2019 with her single “Addicted,” Ugochi Onuoha, a young Nigerian songwriter and performer, has definitely demonstrated her worth.

Her early life was inspiring since she remained focused and worked hard to achieve her musical goals and vocation. She was born in Kaduna State but reared in Abuja, where she attended basic and secondary school. She went on to Lagos State University to finish her education.

Due to her time obligations in the Nigerian music industry, Guchi’s singing abilities were one of the key reasons why her celebrity appeared to be susceptible. Every year, around one million well-known rising artists compete for fame. However, from the perspective of the young songwriter, she made it look easy, which was accentuated by her vocal.

She was also crowned the best female artist in Abuja by Prestige Production.

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