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Download All Ckay Latest Songs, Videos, Music & Album 2022

Ekweani a.k.a. Ckay was born in Chukwuka, Kaduna State, Nigeria, to Dr. and Mrs. Ekweani.

His first interaction with music occurred when he was seven years old, when his father, who was at the time a church choir conductor, introduced him to it. He began producing and writing music at the age of thirteen.


Ckay relocated to Lagos in 2014 and began working for Chocolate City Music as a production intern in early 2015.


He stayed with the studio until later that year when he was signed to Loopy Music, which ultimately merged with Chocolate City once MI took over as CEO.

He made his producing debut on the TICBN vol. 1 album with “Third Mainland Bridge,” which featured MI and Moti Cakes. On “The Box”- Illegal Music 3, he was also featured alongside Pryse.

His talent was noticed by the A&R’s after multiple productions and composition projects for other artists within and outside the label, and Ckay’s value as an artist began to shine through.

He was approached with the offer and signed to the label in August 2016. Below are Ckay’s songs, videos, and albums.


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