Sometimes, the world may not suffer some abiotic disasters like storm, hurricane, flood and tornado but would deliberately suffer the disaster of their fellow human beings.

Some of the world citizens have done more harm to the world in the history of the human race and for the remark they have left on earth, they are meant not to be forgotten.

These men were very dangerous, precisely more than the devil following how they caused havoc among the people. Killing people was like gambling via their grinds. They are vulnerably wicked which has best thrust this article.

In this article, we would fish out these men and discuss them in details. Check out below and thrill to the knowledge.

The most dreadful men the world has ever seen in the past years.

Adolf Hitler

He was the man responsible for the second world war. Hitler who was known famously as the Chancellor of Germany was professed as the most intelligent, creative and brutal dictator of all time as of then.

In his belief, he outlined that the Jews were the cause of all problem and declared world war II to eliminate them. The war went very brutal which resulted in the loss of lives and properties.

Hitler was responsible for the death of over 60 million people which has best describe the rate of his wickedness. When nature defeated his conscience, he couldn’t withstand the force, committed suicide and died in 1945. The world will never forget Hitler who caused world war II.

Mao Zedong

The Chinese man who is known famously as Chairman Mao was the Chinese communist revolutionary who also declared the Chinese Civil War via his grind.

He was said to have claimed over 70 million lives via his power as the chairman of the Chinese empire. However, the lives claimed was that of his enemies.

Chinese see Mao as a hero following how he led his country to a successful civil war while other rivals see him as a taunt and evil man. His braveness was bout to be one of the greatest which has so far registered his name in the history book of legends and evil men too. He died in 1976 after he suffered a series of heart attacks.

Anton Lavey Szandor

Anton Lavey was the founder of the popular church of satan in America which has dominated the world activities so far. His root is professed as one of the most awful roots ever founded in the history of mankind.

However, in the beginning, Lavey’s aim over his church was not to worship the devil but to teach and adore the dignity of the humanistic values which turned out to be a different outcome.

When people succumbed to his belief, he adored nakedness following how he made an altar of a craft representing a naked lady as their symbol and God. He also changed their aim from adoring humanitarian values to anti-Christianity. His outburst even attracted more believers and they promoted all forms of evil acts like homosexuality, lesbianism and unworthy sexual activities.

It never slipped through via his aspiration but he pushed it and authored many satanic books which preach about the devil. His legacy emerged to the top and he became the devil’s icon.

Today, Lavey’s church of satan has grown massively as many people sell their souls to the devil and succumb to the teaching of the devil.

Joseph Stalin

He was a dictator of the Soviet Union who began his terrorism at an early age. He was an assassin and a robber who operated in his community for 40 years.

He killed over 40 million people in his rain including his families and promoted rape which gave a whopping record of 1.5 million German teens rapped under his rain. He believed mostly in the belief that one corpse is more valuable than 100 corpses.

His rain ended when nature bashed him with stroke. He couldn’t hold on and died in 1953. People celebrated his death despite passing out at 56.

Vlad the Impaler

Was recognised as one of the most wicked rulers the world has ever experienced. He rained as the Prince for so many years and in his rain, he eliminated over 20% of the population.

His death sentence was quite dangerous for he would cut women breast and force their husband to eat them. He would roast children whom he fed their mothers and devours them. His legacy rained although the years until he succumbed to the call of nature.

The trademark he left, kept his story flowing from generation to generation. He was very wicked.

Plot plot 

Plot plot was very wicked. This has kept his identity flowing all through despite that he succumbed to courses several years ago.

He was the prime minister of his time who was responsible for the death of over 25% of his country population via his grieves.  He loved to keep the skull of the people he killed to prove his dignity. He also went so deep via his wickedness when he ordered his soldiers to torn babies into limbs via his liking.

There is no less word to describe the rate of his evil soul till date for he is still embossed with the trademark of evil. He died of Karma when his time was dum.

Heinrich Himmler

Heinrich was the head of the SS during his time on earth. He believed that the Jews were not worthy to live and ordered the killing of over 7 million Jews which has best announced the rate of his wickedness.

It never slipped in via his positive conscience as he even went further and made furniture made from the bones and flesh of the Jewish citizens he has ended their lives.

Nature stroke his conscience rigidly and he committed suicide amidst pressure.  He was buried far away from his land as payback to his brutal governance.

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein Governance in Iraq was brutal following how he approved and pushed so many killings. He is believed to have ended the lives of over 2 million people via his power.

He sponsored eye-gouging, chemical attacks and beatings which claimed a lot of souls just to please his wicked soul. It was also believed that he used to record his victim death scene so he could be able to watch them later.

He was later hanged by the people in 2006 after he was found guilty against humanity.