Everyone aspires to live long or even muse to acquire the qualities of the immortal which are labelled 100% efficiency of steadfast health but it seems impossible.

This has been thrust by us and it’s clearly confusing because there are activities which we are meant to condone or abstain from daily so as to ensure 100% health efficiency via our status.

The old days when we could experience a long life span of about 200-years-old being are gone. These days we celebrate a deceased body of 89-years-old as one of the longest life spans of our time.

The awful state of this has thrust our exploration and from various researches, we have confirmed that some activities we condone daily could discreet and decrease one’s life span. Also, we have presumed that some activities boost the health status. We will discuss in details the positives significances which are the activities that boost the health status to 100% efficiency if practised daily.

5 healthy activities that boost the health status to 100% efficiency if practised daily.


Exercise is labelled as the healthiest activity which is compulsory to human health status. A being who aspire to attain a high level of efficiency via his or her health should indulge in consistent exercise.

Exercises impact on our body varies voluminously in different purposes and merits which are all focused on giving the best services to the health status of the body.

They are key activities which if practised daily would help in a heavyweight reduction, prevent heart diseases, conducts the blood sugar and insulin, improve the mental health and boost your blood flow.

There are millions of positive effect regular exercises deploy on our body which has best staked it as a compulsory activity that should be condoned daily.

A victim of the dearth of regular exercises suffers complications like; Obesity, heart diseases, mental disorder, inefficient blood flow and quick stroke.

Indulge in regular exercises at least three times in a week calendar and boost your health status to its peak.

Below are some popular prescribed exercises you may practice;

• Pushups
• Squats
• Standing overhead dumbbell presses
• Dumbbell rows
• Single-leg deadlifts
• Burpees
• Side planks.

Excellent hygiene

The word ‘Excellent’ should be highly condoned and considered in this aspect for its the key pinnacle of this point.

Microorganisms are often recognised as one of the human most dangerous enemies following how they find it favourable to survive in a habitat whereby we are professed as the ‘host’.

However, their habitats vary with the grade and hierarchy of the hygiene status of their hosts. If it’s poor, they are likely 90% assured of reproduction, survival and growth. In a situation whereby they are heavily assured growth, the victim’s life span may be reduced because they feed on him or her.

The high rate of hygiene eliminates the body microorganisms and this would liberate the victim from, short life span, infection, awful warts and body odour.

Get some shower at least 2 times daily, indulge in a consistent washing and cleaning, wear clean clothes, acquire your private bathing facilities and attain a healthy life span.

Abstain from excessive sugary and processed food consumption

This is labelled as one of the pinnacles of the early century life span decliner following how it claims multiple souls from the world calendar yearly.

When we consume excessive sugar, the insulin in our bloodstream will affect the arteries all over the body. Their walls will be thickened, inflamed and may bulge which stresses the heart’s efficiency. This may cause heart failure which leads to stroke.

Processed foods like all sodas, fried and preserved foods are highly destructive to our life span because they are consist of voluminous substances which shortens your life span slowly. They are labelled as weak destroyers.

Abstain from the high rate consumption of sugary and processed foods and infuse your health status to its peak.

Abstain from unprotected sexual activities

Sexually transmitted diseases have in the world population devoured millions of souls to the grave following how dangerous nature has staked their viruses or organisms.

Sexually transmitted disease’s organisms like bacterias pair with the body immune system which will stake it extremely dangerous and difficult to heal. This is one of the major reasons you should abstain from an unprotected sexual activities.

HIV/AIDS are likely labelled as one of the most dangerous sexually transmitted diseases following how it engulfs and undermines its victim’s life span. The opposite séx can transmit these viruses to her victim of love affection through raw sexual intercourse.

Get yourself a condom and avoid oral séx so to ensure that you abstain completely from sexually transmitted diseases.

People who indulge in an unsafe sexual activities are likely to contact some dangerous sexually transmitted diseases like;

• Genital shingles (Herpes Simplex)
• Human papillomavirus (Genital warts)
• Hepatitis B.
• Chlamydia.
• Chancroid (Syphilis)
• Clap (Gonorrhea)
• Human immunodeficiency virus/Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS)
• Trichomoniasis (Trich)

These will reduce your life span.

Avoid hard drugs consumption

Hard drugs like Alcohol, Acetaminophen (Tylenol), nicotine, Benzodiazepines, Anticoagulants, tobacco, cocaine,  marijuana, Antidepressants, Bromocriptine, Colchicine and Digoxin are capable of destroying its victim’s life span in a 10 years ratio difference.

Researchers have proven and validated that hard drugs can enslave its victims to addiction which he or she may not resist until they succumb to the call of nature.

This occurs in the life of the victim when its substances collide with the human neurons and activates them with the aid of its chemicals. At this point, the victim will be brutally controlled by the effects of the drugs.

Hard drugs also destroy the human life span by devouring the responsible temperaments or features of the body and undermine them with hallucination, paranoia, aggressiveness, impaired Judgement, and impulsive loss of control.

It’s labelled as the easiest activity that shortens the human life span if practised for it has the capability to push its victim to death. Avoid hard drugs consumption and boost your health.

Having known these activities, it’s high time you understand the prodigy of life and abide by these instructions to attain 100% health efficiency.